entry_30I had an entrepreneurial episode during my holiday inspired by a high brain fever. I decided to come up with a way to meet the demands of the dead body parts market. Now this may seem somewhat grim at first glance, but with an eye on the saccharine brand of rustic charm peddled by such personalities as the impressively banal Martha Stewart, I may be able to spin this into something desirable to even the most apprehensive of rubes. Namely, a chain of quaint shops I’d like to call “Necrobilia.”

I would position these as forward-thinking repositories (or mausoleums) of showy domestic trifles, mostly made up of bits of polished, arranged or otherwise garnished biomass. To be sure, the consideration of these items as additions to one’s interior design (or costume jewelry) would require that one think “outside the box”–a point I would illustrate with festive coffins. As well, highlighted selections would be arranged daily at displays called “Remains of the Day.”

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