Take the Stairs

The reason I jog up four flights of stairs isn’t because it’s good exercise. The reason I jog up four flights of stairs is because I can’t stand being in an elevator with people. After pressing the button, the seconds tick by, and I feel a small crowd approaching me from behind.

“Did you press the button already? Okay, good–we can all ride up together! Say, would you mind breathing the same air that I just expelled from my body?”

In fact I do. And you’re ugly.

Yes, taking the stairs is good for the heart.

2 thoughts on “Take the Stairs

  1. by taking the elevator every day you pump the equivalent of your body weight of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each week. (or something like that, but you get the idea) next time you’re stuck in there, have a think about that! when it gets hot and stuffy, we can visualize our entire lovely planet feeling the same way.

  2. This made me laugh. Most people do feel a bit awkward in elevators, but you’ve taken it to a new level. ;)