Commuter Notes II

In the City you have to keep up appearances. The only way that people in large groups can effectively cope is to maintain their invisibility by conforming the behavior of the larger group. This is why they are leery of individuals who refuse to walk at the established speed.

Those who amble at a slow pace are either homeless or on vacation. These types are best avoided because an engagement of either is likely to result in a distasteful confrontation. Do not walk too slowly lest you be labeled a social outcast.

Those who move too quickly have probably stolen something, and are best avoided if only because they are likely being chased by a gestapo detachment who, if you should land in their way, may indict you for willful complicity. Do not walk too quickly lest you be labeled a terrorist.

No, it’s best to make like a fallen leaf in the stream, by which I mean to become more pallid and bitter as you go, until the undercurrents suck you down.

Oh, I forgot to mention another pace, between that of the average City walk and the felon’s flight, and that is the hurried step of the business person. These besuited cell-claws are probably just shy of late for a meeting, and are best avoided if only so that they don’t see that you’re taking another two hour lunch.

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